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Dinner with The Admiral

Admiral West Asheville

I have to say I’ve never dined here until my friend Jean-Claude, Sous Chef, invited me and I’m glad I finally had this experience. This quaint small restaurant leaves a huge impression on you and it’s definitely worth every penny. They have a noticeable environment of hospitality, a lot of awareness and team effort, which I admired. I loved having Lizzy as my server! I’m generally slow at eating and she wasn’t pushy towards me at all. She checked on us timely and I could tell she hoped I didn’t feel rushed in any way. Although the dining area is…

Building a Home for the Homeless

asheville homeless

Have you ever considered what it might take to get a homeless person off the street or out of tents and into a home or apartment or mobile home when those are the options in play? Have you ever considered that if you start by putting a person in a tent on a secure piece of land with certain basic amenities like the ones in camp grounds – you might actually be doing a good thing when considering a long term plan to get the homeless into housing? Have you ever considered that putting a person in a tent on…

23 Funky Finds at Asheville’s Sweeten Creek Antiques

asheville sweeten creek antiques

The Asheville Antique world is growing by leaps and bounds. Along with beer city USA and foodie city USA; antique city USA is definitely sneaking up on us. Of course there is the Antique Tobacco Barn, a new spot name Reliks and many others; but Sweeten Creek Antiques is one of our personal favorites. Even their website is antique lol, but it has directions if you wish to get there. We stopped by there the other day and got to experience the whole store. Well kind of. We did not have enough time at each booth, but we got to…

Asheville Area Greasy Spoon Alert: Wynn’s Diner

wynn's diner leicester asheville

So I woke up so hungry the other day. Luckily, I had planned on meeting EnergyTech Builders about an investment project I have on the board. It was his choice where to meet, and he asked.. “do you know where Wynn’s Diner is on Leicester Highway? I thought I did, but then he reminded me that is across the street from the Ingles out that way, Northwest Asheville if you may. I ordered the Country Fried Steak, 2 Eggs Over Medium, Hashbrowns, and Light White Toast. Wynn’s Diner is what many refer to as a “Greasy Spoon” or “Grezzy Spoo”…

Lasagna and Lemon Bars

lasagna and lemon bars asheville

While we were going from meeting to meeting today all around Asheville, we headed a few minutes west and stopped by Artisan Cafe & Coffeehouse in Candler NC for a quick break. Not only do they have delicious homemade foods such as the Chicken Pesto Wrap and Lasagna, but they also have some yummy desserts such a Lemon Bars, Carrot Cake and Cinnamon Rolls. Select wine and craft beer is also available. If you are out in the Sand Hill Road area, right near the AB Tech West Campus, Mission West, and Enka High School; this spot is worth a…

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