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Roadtrip: Asheville To Myrtle Beach!

myrtle beach south carolina

With the Summer season, comes lots of travel and vacationing. This time, part of the team drove from Asheville NC to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and ready for an adventure! When we saw the sign for Myrtle Beach, we were so ready to hit the sand, swim, eat, party and make this vacation count. The drive there was not uneventful. A Nissan Pathfinder and five guys was a party waiting to happen in itself! We ended up staying at Oceans One Resort, and really enjoyed the accommodations there. Thank you for a great experience! We also went to the Hollywood…

Dinner at King Daddy’s in West Asheville

king daddys menu

On a rainy evening in Asheville, we ended up on the westside, and finally stopped at King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles. This restaurant is owned by the John and Julie, the same folks that have Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville. The had a great menu with lots of chicken, salads, sides and desserts. And of course… the booze menu! After getting settled in, we took at look at the decor, atmosphere and lighting. All of the windows also gave us an outside view, part of it looking out onto the patio area. I ordered the Heirloom Chicken since it…

14 License Plates You Might See Around Asheville

asheville flasher license plate

Some of the personalized license plates that I have seen around the Asheville area make me take a second to think about the story behind them. Here are a few that you too might have seen around town: The Sugar Bear License Plate. I was looking for more of a Sugar Daddy, but I will have to settle for this! The Flash’r License Plate. I hope they are talking about the car! The Grandparent to 5 License Plate. Hopefully the kids don’t have any more kids or we will have to change the plate! The “Oh My” License Plate. Oh…

5 Asheville Rental Car Options

asheville rental cars

Renting a car in Asheville seems like a simple choice. There are several places to choose from that offer a wide variety of vehicles with plenty of options. I guess you can say that we have been around the block with car rental companies. We have rented vehicles for everything from traveling, to moving, or while our SUV was in the shop, and even just for fun. Enterprise, Budget, Dollar and Avis became sort of household names for awhile. Some rental places offer great rates with unlimited miles; while others try to “get you” coming and going with fees for just…

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