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Asheville Used Car Dealer Expands In 2014

asheville used car dealer

Asheville Used Car Dealers are a dime a dozen. Just about anyone who can get their hands on a few vehicles, wants to open up a shop to make a quick profit. Some groups buy totaled cars with a clear title, fix a few things, and then sell them as if they never had an accident. Then there are some that could shine up any lemon on the lot and sell it to folks, leaving them to deal with plenty of needed repairs in the near future. My family purchased a vehicle from one of these used car superstores and…

One Summer Day in Asheville, by Adam Hecht

adam hecht eye on north carolina

Life as a video blogger is adventurous. I meet different people, experience different places and travel on roads I’ve never seen before. I left Raleigh around 6:30am with all the excitement in the world. I kept telling myself, “dude, you are going to interview moonshiners, that is so rad!” I scheduled two on camera interviews for my blog July 2nd. The first one was at Howling Moon Distillery at 11am and the second was at the Omni Grove Park Inn at 1pm. Two different topics, two different stories and one thing in common, Asheville. My drive to Asheville was uneventful until I ran over a huge…

Cherokee Storytelling Bonfire: A Meaningful Way to Spend Labor Day Weekend

cherokee nc mountains

Asheville. Land of the Sky. A city that seems to rise up from the mountains and touch the clouds. Why not take this Labor Day weekend to get out of the city and learn more about the true history of these mountains we call our home? The place that Asheville inhabits was once a part of the Cherokee Nation. For over 10,000 years the Cherokee people traveled through here, hunting and securing food for their families. At first glance Asheville might seem to have come a far way from its Cherokee roots.  Look closer. Beyond the skyline lies the same blue mountains layered against…

MY FIRST 5K by Rose-Marie Vieira

rose marie asheville color run

Over the last three years I have been working on getting myself healthier. It started with dieting and exercise and eventually losing 80 pounds – so far (I have 50 more to go!). I continue to work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the weight loss journey, I have been rewarding myself with fun “treats” – simultaneously crossing items off my “bucket list.” A few such fun treats have included Ziplining across the Nantahala as well as white water rafting down that river when I turned 50. I have never raced in my life, but heard about how much fun…

Asheville Welcomes Whole Foods Market

whole foods asheville staff

Whole Foods Market opened their doors to the public today in Asheville North Carolina. I was not planning on going. I had things to do, places to be, and business to gain. But my mom. That should be a statement in itself. She was there waiting for the doors to open, watching entertainment, listening to the Mayor give her speech, and looking for great food deals. She called me several times to tell me how great it was, her quiet way of telling me to… “GET HERE NOW!” I had just picked up my daughter… she was raising hell at…

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